ADONIS 2018 ~ A Private Invite Spring Getaway!

BREAKING NEWS! A Message from Sydney ' Flex' Porter the creator of 'ADONIS!'

'ADONIS" 2018 is going back to a 'Private Invite Only' Spring Getaway for sexy, masculine, body 'FIT' and private Brothers in Palm Springs, California!

History: When I first started doing a spring getaway in Palm Springs it was held at the intimate Helios Resort with a small group of 30 guys. What made it special was the fact that all the guys attending had the following in common: Sexiness, masculine, loved working out aka fitness and were private with some of the guys being extremely DL. I presented two previous invite only getaways at the Helios Resort and the comradery of the brothers that attended was amazing! No drama, no hangups just a fun time between like-minded brothers.

After the second getaway I decided to give the Spring Getaway the title of 'Adonis' and opened it up so more brothers could experience this 'Oasis' in Palm Springs where Hollywood Stars, Elite and Presidents vacation. I moved the getaway to a larger resort with more amenities that was also a private all-male clothing optional resort where men could be 'FREE' to enjoy themselves with other brothers.

However, by me opening it up the comradery between the brothers started to change! WHY? Because I didn't stay true to what made the getaway so amazing in the first place...which was bringing together Like-minded Brothers who shared a common bond. So, after discussing it with my team members I decided to go back to my original concept of making sure only like-minded brothers attend moving forward...starting with Adonis Brotherhood Spring Getaway in 2018.

Everything is not meant for Everybody! And for me, it's always been about the Brotherhood and bond shared among brothers verses the number of people attending.

So, if you are sexy as hell, masculine, love working out and it shows, like events or parties that are private and selective then maybe 'ADONIS' is for you. However, more importantly, if we feel you are someone who can fit in with this tight niche of like-minded brothers we call "ADONIS!"

To become a Member of 'ADONIS' visit our 'Introductory' page on our website for more info. Adonis 2018 Website:

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