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Why a criteria to attend?

Our Goal: To target men who we feel represent the qualities of an 'ADONIS' ~ Sexy, Masculine, Body Fit, Self-confident and Private! 

Why is 'ADONIS' private invite only?


The request to go back to our original concept of truly bringing fitness brothers together was overwhelming! The feedback from guys who had attended previous events at Helios Resort before we opened 'ADONIS' up to all men was that by keeping the Spring Getaway to a tight niche of sexy, fit brothers made the Comradery amongst the brothers tighter and a lot more free to have fun.

We Totally Agreed! Quality over Quantity! 


Therefore, the most effective way to manage who will be attending is to make 'ADONIS' private invite only and request photos from guys we don't already know personally.  


Men who are into fitness aka working out, masculine and private... prefer hanging with other like-minded men. 

NOTE: After you submit your body photos and it meets our criteria, you will be given a Members Password to Log into the site!

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